why we recycle

Changing your bristles more often inevitably comes with creating more potential waste, so we all need to watch out! You could decide not to care but also to simply act as a responsible citizen by recycling those used brushettes. Because we believe that a better oral hygiene shouldn't come with more trash in the nature at Brushette we created different solutions to tackles the waste issue and not make you feel bad of being clean.

what is recyclette™?

Recyclette™ is a program by Brushette Inc. to take away all these used brushettes from your bathroom and make something unique about it. For certain tiers subscription we send you a folded envelope that you can mail us back once full. We organize periodic convoy to a plant to sterilize the brushettes in a deep chlorine bath. Brushettes are then processed for separation, bristles are torn away from the plastic socle. The bristles are condensed together to create housing insulation packs for countries regulating nylon insulation, while the plastic portion is being given away for other purposes. Because of the extremely low-costs of the brushettes our margin do not allow to pre-stamp the envelope. However we definitely incentivize users for sending more of these used brushettes over. Being eco-responsible is now your choice!

want to help out more?

Let us know if you come up with a better idea, or if you are a shipping company who wants to support the collection of old bristles, or if you are a sponsor of any kind who wants to raise awareness by helping a new recycling program.