Why do we recycle?

Changing your bristles more often inevitably comes with creating more potential waste, so we all need to watch out! You could decide not to care but also to simply act as a responsible citizen by recycling those used brushettes. Because we believe that a better oral hygiene shouldn't come with more trash in the nature at Brushette we created different solutions to tackles the waste issue and not make you feel bad of being clean.

What is Recyclette™?

Recyclette™ is a program brought to you by Brushette in partnership with the non-profit BrushCycle, aiming to take away all these used brushettes from your bathroom.

The program is simple:

  • Receive an envelope (the Recyclette™) with your first Brushette package
  • Fill it up with used brushettes
  • Send the Recyclette back to Brush Cycle
  • BrushCycle does a control quality, sorting and weighting
  • BrushCycle tells us who sent how many grams worth of waste
  • Brushette credits your account with points to reward your loyalty to the planet
  • Use your points to get free brushettes
  • In the meantime BrushCycle recycles the bristles and the plastic base through its own process