we donate to people in need

Brushette decided to regularly donate oral care products to people in need. We've the ability to manufacture toothbrushes of all kind and while it's now possible to dispose your brushettes on a daily basis with our *subscription model* there are still millions of people out there who change their toothbrush at a staggering frequency of once a year or even less. Partly because it costs money to buy a new toothbrush, but also because people don't know about the bacteria accumulation on used bristles.

Surprisingly the lack of education is often outweighing the lack of money. Part of our mission is to educate people by warning them about the oral disease they are exposed to and also by donating new toothbrushes. This mission is purely humanitarian and do not intend to promote brushette in that area. While we do raise awareness of our brand on social media it's also a way to give back to people in need.

recycling program