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The hygiene revolution is here!

Never worry about your aging toothbrush head again! Brushette® subscription plans are fast and simple, get your monthly box at the link below! Subscriptions are the only way to get your brushettes 50% OFF, making them just $1 per brush head. 


how it works

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Step 1: UV Sterilization

The first step in our custom process is UV sterilizing every brush head produced at our state-of-the-art factory. UV sterilization cleanses each individual brush head of all impurities effectively eliminating bacteria!

Step 2: Food Grade Nitrogen

Second, we pack each brushette packet full of food-grade nitrogen. This process ensures that bacteria cannot grow as soon as the packet is sealed shut! Have you ever wondered why potato chips can stay fresh for so long in a bag? That's nitrogen at work, stopping bacterial growth from decomposing your food.


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