Starter Kit

Oral-B® Braun Users 

Perfect kit to start experimenting the true oral hygiene. Get the neck adapter the 1st time only then you are set for $1 refils!

  • 1 neck adapter compatible Oral-B®
  • 1 Cleanette™ for regular cleaning
  • 1 Deliquette™ for sensitive teeth
Box One

Oral-B® Braun Users

Your full starter set if you haven't jumped intothe world of electric toothbrushing yet. Start, you'll know what were talking about! Once you have the neck adapter you'd also unlock $1 refils!

  • 1 neck adapter compatible Oral-B®
  • 4 Cleanette™ for regular cleaning
  • 4 Deliquette™ for sensitive teeth
  • 2 Pearlette™ for whitening
  • 1 Complette™ for multi-action
  • 1 Holdette™ brushettes holder white
  • 1 Oral-B® battery powered toothbrush

how we compare

Oral-B® Braun
blister Packaging Type nitrogen packets 
- pre-packaging treatment UV sterilization
Bacteriological Hygiene level Sterilized
Anchored tufting Manufacturing process Anchored tufting
0.10⌀ Softest filament size 0.08⌀ (softer)
Dupont Tynex Bristle Quality Dupont Tynex
Rounded edge bristles Finishing Rounded edge bristles
POM Plastic material HEMP (recyclable)
Water doesn't flow through Washablility Water flows through
No, detergent on bristles Machine Washable Yes, Detergent only on neck
45deg counter clockwise / 45deg clockwise Rotation angle 45deg counter clockwise / 45deg clockwise
Hygiene Essential

Oral-B® Braun Users

Perfect kit to start experiencing the true Brushette® difference! 11 brushettes to choose from in your daily routine and a planned schedule to keep your teeth healthy.

  • 4 Cleanette™ for regular cleaning
  • 4 Deliquette™ for sensitive teeth
  • 2 Pearlette™ for whitening
  • 1 Complette™ for multi-action
Custom Box

Oral-B® Braun Users

You can pick and pack whichever function you like in a box. It’s a DIY process.

  • DIY Box Builder
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Pause when tired
  • No Commitment
  • Skip a month

By subscribing you save 50% on your brushette subscriptions, cutting the price of $2 down to just $1 per brushette. Anywhere else, including in the Superette they are priced at $2/pc. Yes you can cheat the system, get them once, and cancel right after, we are confident you’ll like them to keep them flowing!

neck adapter

The neck is the patented snapping system engineered by Brushette® that allows you to replace the bristles portion only without the guilt of throwing the entire brush head. Our adapter easy snaps onto your Oral-B® Braun electric toothbrush, and allows you to use any of our 12 custom brushette brush head models.

  • Oral-B® Braun Compatible
  • 3 Color Options
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fits all Brushettes
  • One-Time Purchase
  • Machine Washable


Brushettes are our fancy way of describing brush heads. These small bristle attachments snap on to your neck adapter, allowing you to swap to the perfect function for your brushing occasion. Simply identify the brushing task you want to achieve such as whitening or gum care, and then snap on the appropriate brushette for the job!

  • Oral-B® Braun Compatible
  • 12 Available Models
  • Dupont Quality & Durability
  • Brushette® Compatible
  • Onique Functions
  • Enhances Oral Hygiene


A soft and antibacterial silicone holder that sits on your counter-top to easily lay up to 4 brushettes at a time to help you swap functions between brushings. Silicone has natural antibacterial properties, so you know that your brushettes are always kept as clean as possible!

  • Antibacterial Silicone
  • Holds 4 Brushettes
  • Brushette Compatible
  • Non-Slip Technology
  • Hold Your Neck Adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty

Brushette Inc.

3900 W Alameda Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 91505, USA

Warehouse: Northridge, CA
Market Served: North America


Brushette Europe Sasu

40 rue Alexandre Dumas 75011,
Paris, France

Warehouse: Genk, Belgium
Market Served: Europe


Brushette Ltd

Nanshan Tech Park, Shenzhen

Warehouse: Bao'an, Shenzhen
Market Served: China

Store: 微代卖

With brushette, snapping is easy! Check out the steps below to learn how simple it is to assemble and disassemble brushette for your daily brushing routine.

  • 1) Place thumb over slider and pulldown.
  • 2) Insert a brushette, then release the slider.
  • 3) Rotate brushette clockwise at least half a turn.
  • 4) (knob will snap into place, firmly pull to ensure proper installation.)
  • 1) Place thumb over slider and pull down. 
  • 2) Rotate the brushette counter-clockwise one full turn.
  • 3) Dispose used brushette responsibly.
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