Why Brushette?

9 reasons why Brushette® is amazing!

Brushette® Problem-Solving Capabilities


1   Hygiene Problem  

2   Price Problem

3   Ecology Problem

4   Packaging Bacteria Problem

5   Function Problem

6   Electric Toothbrush Problem

7   Recycling Problem

8   Renewal Problem

9   Stiffness Problem


Problem 1: Hygiene

Toothbrush bristles get quickly dirty, so at every use, you put back millions of bacteria in your mouth. The mixture of residual toothpaste, saliva, and moisture creates a perfect environment for bacteria growth. You should be able to dispose of those bristles more often to avoid serious health consequences. Even though the traditional norm recommended by industry leaders and dental hygienists is using a toothbrush for 90 days, and otherwise changing it immediately after a disease, it is obvious that the more often you change the better.

Thanks to Brushette plans you can now change your bristles even every day thus becoming more hygienic than before.

Brushette detachable system makes it very easy to change bristles.

Benefit Brushette® → 90x more hygienic

Problem 2: Price


Most replacement heads from Oral-B or Philips Sonicare cost an average of $10 a piece. Replacing your toothbrush head more often at this price is nearly impossible.


ALL 12 Brushette® Bristle Heads are COMPATIBLE

With one of our subscription plans, you can get replacement heads at $1/pc selecting the desired quantity and frequency.

You can manage your subscription plan in your account as you want.

Benefit Brushette® → 10x cheaper


Problem 3: Ecology 

Every time you replace your toothbrush head it’s the entire neck and head that you have to toss in the trash. That’s an average of 6 grams of waste. Assuming 30% of the EU/US population uses electric toothbrushes it’s about 1500 tons of waste every time people change their toothbrush heads in those countries.


With Brushette detachable system of keeping the neck and changing the bristle part only, it’s less than 1g of plastic that per head. 

And that 1 g of plastic is not tossed in the trash, but recycled. Discover the recycling program at point 7) below.


Benefit Brushette® → 6x more eco-friendly

Problem 4: Packaging Bacteria

Almost all the factories do not sterilize their toothbrushes and use simple blister packaging. That means the bacteria from the production process and hundreds of sets of dirty hands that have touched it will keep developing during the time your toothbrush travels all the way to your bathroom.


Our production assembly line sanitizes the products under UV light, and then bristles are directly wrapped in food-grade nitrogen sterile packets.


Benefit Brushette® → industry 1st preservant brush heads

Problem 5: Function


Customers of the industry leaders producing replacement heads find themselves trapped into using one single function for months. You may need more sensitive functions for brushing your teeth at night, plaque removal functions for morning brushing and whitening functions before a gala but as of now, you are stuck with the same bristles.


You definitely need to have replacement heads with different functions at home, some for gentle care and plaque removal, whitening, for sensitive gums, let alone the special functions when you wear braces or replacement heads smaller in size for kids. You should absolutely be able to choose the ones you really need. 

In collaboration with dentists and dental hygienists, Brushette has developed the widest range of replacement head functions in the market suitable for every occasion.

Benefit Brushette® → solution customized for specific needs

Problem 6: Electric Toothbrush

New toothbrush players are numerous on the market, each and everyone asking you to switch to their electric toothbrush and their replacement heads. Most of the time it's a proprietary mold that only fits their own solution. Consumers are left with either spending a fortune on buying a new toothbrush or with all the discomfort of the current replacement heads.

We propose necks compatible with the biggest leaders of the industry such as Oral-B® and Philips Sonicare™.

You can keep your actual toothbrush, and shift to Brushette for replacement heads as we propose you better solutions for common issues.


Benefit Brushette® → 1st player covering 95% of the market

Problem 7: Recycling


Billions of toothbrushes are simply put into the trash. Same is with electric toothbrush replacement heads. No recycling program works for most of them. And each time changing an expensive replacement head you contribute to the worldwide plastic crisis.
Brushette is advising changing bristles more often and also provides a solution for recycling. So that you never have to feel guilty again.



Recyclette™ is a program designed by Brushette that takes away all the used brushettes from your bathroom for recycling. Used brush heads are processed for separation, where the bristles are torn away from the plastic socle and each element is recycled for other purposes.

Recyclette™ is essentially an envelope that comes free of charge with your subscription box, it is addressed-ready and can contain up to 30 brushettes at a time

Benefit Brushette® → 1st in the industry with a trash free solution

Problem 8: Renewal

Even though your dentist recommends you to follow the norm of 3 months to change your toothbrush there is no efficient way of tracking this time. And depending on your bristles and how everyone brushes the wear and tear may show faster.

We offer you a subscription plan that will automatically deliver your brush heads according to your desired frequency (every month, every 3 months etc). With Brushette, hygiene is delivered to your front door.


Benefit Brushette® → hygiene delivered

Problem 9: Stiffness

Not all the toothbrushes use proper nylon. the stiffness commonly used in the industry are still very harsh on gums, though they range from Hard, Medium and Soft. It can even happen that the nylon is mixed with other materials to reduce its cost.

The leading synthetic filament manufacturer is US Dupont and particularly their product line Tynex® A, serving both Oral-B®, Philips Sonicare™ and Brushette replacement heads. 

We do propose Hard, Medium, Soft and Extra Soft Nylon for the most sensitives one on gums. We are collaborating with the makeup industry too to use silk soft bristles.

Benefit Brushette® → stiffness adapted to each of you