Brushette® Neck adapter - compatible Oral-B® Braun - Deep Blue
Brushette® Neck adapter - compatible Oral-B® Braun - Deep Blue
Brushette® Neck adapter - compatible Oral-B® Braun - Deep Blue

Brushette® Neck adapter - compatible Oral-B® Braun - Deep Blue

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Compatible with Oral-B® Braun electric toothbrushes

Brushette® is the leader in personalized and sanitized oral hygiene care. Our replacement brush heads are double sanitized using industry-first UV and food-grade nitrogen techniques. Our round brush heads offer advanced technology for a superior clean with more plaque removal and powerful whitening abilities.
Our neck adapter is compatible with Oral-B® Braun electric toothbrushes (except the pulsonic). All you need is our compatible neck adapter, and you will be ready for the Brushette® enhanced oral hygiene experience!
Our Assortment of electric brush heads are easily swappable and cost anywhere from 80% less than standard brands! Got food stuck between your teeth? Try flossette™! Need an extra zap of whitening power? Try pearlette™! Are your gums sensitive and in need of some TLC? Try gumette™ or deliquette™! The possibilities with brushette are endless. Subscribe today and get started with simply better hygiene!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

The brushette snapping system requires our custom built neck adapter in order to function. Rest assured our neck adapter is made of the same exact food-grade PP that your current electric brush heads and toothbrushes are made out of.

  • Oral-B® Braun Comaptible (not pulsonic)
  • Fits all brushette brush head models
  • simple 1 button operation

food-grade sanitization

Did you know that sanitation of brush heads is NOT an industry standard? We think that is totally gross!
That's why we custom engineered our own sanitation process allows all of our brush heads to pass under the same UV radiation found in other in-home sanitation machines. These completely safe techniques eliminate bacteria before the brush heads go into packaging, and create products that are much safer for human consumption.

What keeps a bag of chips fresh for so long inside the packaging they come in? Did you know that they are not actually filled with air, but with nitrogen? Nitrogen preserves your food, by completely stopping bacteria growth! Using this same technology our brush heads, after our UV sanitation process, are packed in this same nitrogen environment which ensures no bacteria can grow until you are ready to use it!


This neck adapter does NOT come with any brushettes. To get the full brushette experience please check out our starter pack here!