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holdette™ - orange

holdette™ - orange

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Your anti-bacterial brushettes holder

A soft and antibacterial silicone holder that sits on your counter-top to easily lay up to 4 brushettes at a time to help you swap functions between brushings. Silicone has natural antibacterial properties, so you know that your brushettes are always kept as clean as possible!

Brushette® is the leader in personalized and sanitized oral hygiene care. We boast the biggest variety of brush heads on the market and there is a reason for it! Every single function have a different use. Got food stuck between your teeth? Try Flossette™! Need an extra zap of whitening power? Try Pearlette™! Are your gums sensitive and in need of some TLC? Try Deliquette™ or even Gumette™ with its silk-soft filaments! The possibilities are endless with Brushette. We believe in custom hygiene. The same way that your night and morning lotion are different, a toothbrush is not a one-size fits all. The morning requires more thorough plaque removal, while you might want to be more gentle on your gums during your night brushing. Whitening is important but with moderation. You got the picture, find your preferred 4 brushettes and Holdette™ will help you swap between functions during the week.

  • Holds up to 4 brushettes
  • Holds your neck adapter
  • Natural silicone with antibacterial properties

Did you know our brushettes use a custom-made double sanitation technique

Did you know that there is NO industry compliance standards for toothbrush sterilization? We think that is totally gross!
That's why we custom engineered our own sanitation process allowing all of our brush heads to pass under UV sanitation before being automatically wrapped up. These completely safe techniques eliminate 99% of bacteria before the brushettes enter into their packaging, and thus create products that are much safer for human consumption.

Now that we cleaned the brushettes they should stay clean over time. Do you know what keeps a bag of Chips fresh for so long inside the packaging they come in? Did you know that they are not actually filled with regular air, but with nitrogen instead? Nitrogen preserves your food, by completely paralyzing all bacteriological growth! Using this same technology our brush heads, after our UV sanitation process, are packed in this same food-grade nitrogen environment which ensures no bacteria can grow until you are ready to use it!