You Can Have High-Quality Dental Care and Quantity too

The famous saying goes, quality over quantity, which can be true for most things, but at Brushette®, we believe that you can get both simultaneously. Yes, subscription-based services have been on trend for a little while, but with Brushette®, you’re not only getting the convenience of this easy service, but also top quality. Our attention to detail, consulting with dentists and scientists, along with the materials we work with for our toothbrush pieces (specifically its neck and the brush heads) all make it possible for you to change your toothbrush often without sacrificing quality.

From start to finish, each tuft (groupings of bristles) has been carefully thought out, from its stiffness to length to the cut shape to the cluster shape to the material to inclination, and even down to the fun color choices for aesthetics. We work with a lab, in which dentists and scientists have specially designed every last detail. With hands-on manufacturing and strict quality control, we are able to design each of the tufts according to your mouth’s needs.


For the neck — the plastic part that connects the body of the toothbrush to the bristle — we offer industry standard ABS, a plastic used by Oral B and Phillips for their toothbrushes. It’s sturdy, with excellent impact strength and is also corrosion resistant.

Better oral hygiene is generally achieved by combining a few vital things: high-quality brush heads, learning better brushing techniques, timing brushing, flossing daily, and using FDA-approved toothpaste. What Brushette® offers in this chain is a toothbrush with higher quality bristles, which maximizes plaque removal and interdental cleaning, regardless of how you use the brush. Win, win for your mouth and wallet.

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