Which Brushette is Right For You?

We know everyone has unique requirements when brushing their teeth which is why we have developed unique brushing functions for everyone.

Whether you have sensitive teeth, need to clean your gums, want greater plaque removal or whiter, brighter teeth we’ve got you covered!

Here's an introduction to our range of brilliant brush heads!


Sensitive Souls:

For those who teeth and gums need a little TLC, we recommend the following:

Deliquette Designed with ultra soft bristles making it ideal for sensitive teeth and gums.

Gummette— For the ultra-sensitive, thin soft bristles give our gentlest and most efficient clean.


Brush and Go:

Want to get your teeth and gums fresh and clean without a fuss? These heads are ideal for you.

Cleanette — Regular cleaning with a mix of soft and medium bristles for effective plaque removal and dental care.

Doublette This head has a unique double cleaning action and a mix of soft and medium bristles to remove plaque and tone your gums.

Complette— Total brushing action for teeth and interdental spaces offered by a unique blend of soft, medium and silicone bristles.


Young Gums:

We've thought of everyone from adults to tiny teeth, there's a Brushette for all your family.

Youngette Designed for children age 3-12 years old. With delicate bristles to gently and effectively clean young teeth and gums.

Targette Focused cleaning for young teeth with soft bristles and silicon for a thorough cleaning.


A Winning Smile:

If a bright beautiful smile is your priority, we've got just the things to help your teeth sparkle.

Charquette— Our triple action brush head offers activated carbon whitening with a mix of medium charcoal bristles and silicone to whiten, polish and protect your teeth.

Pearlette Gentle whitening and polishing actions for your teeth from our unique blend of soft bristles and silicone.

Glancette Looking for whitening and stain removal? Using silicone with medium and soft bristles, this head polishes teeth to bring them to optimum whiteness.


The Specialists:

Sometimes your mouth and gums need some extra care so we developed some expert products to help keep your teeth happy.

Bracette Our unique design for those with braces, bristles are angled to give specialized orthodontic care and clean those hard to reach places.

Flosette For a really clean feeling, it's important to tackle the spaces between your teeth too, which is why we created the flossette. It offers individual brushing actions to target specific areas and the interdental spaces between your teeth too.

These unique heads allow you to create a custom dental routine that will keep your teeth looking feeling fantastic.

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