Setting Your Child’s Best Hygiene Habits

Involving your child in the teeth brushing process once a day is not an easy task, not even mentioning brushing their teeth twice a day, which may become a reason for tooth decay. However, the path to what motivates your child to use the toothbrush builds through patience and a parent-child relationship. Parents can think of it as a time to spend with their little ones, as brushing time is like reading a book before sleeping and is very essential for a child’s growth. Once your child gets used to brushing teeth before sleep, you can explain the value of brushing in the morning.

Be a Hero

One of the ways of turning it into a habit is being your child's role model. As children learn from parents by copying their actions, if your family dental hygiene has a good routine than most likely, the child will also become accustomed to that. Apart from that, it can become family time, group activity.

Time to Play

To make it more entertaining you can set up some rules, and if any of the members do not follow them, they will get a punishment, but in case if they fulfill they will have a prize. For instance, if family members do not brush teeth in the morning, then they have to do a home task.

When children brush twice a day, they get a chance to choose the next destination of your family trip (cafe, gaming  center, movie, park.)

Another game can be based on how good all brush, how long and how much per day. Based on that, you can give scores that will be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis, and prepare an awarding ceremony. As a reward, you can buy a gift for them or something that they truly want. That will also create a competitive spirit by making them work harder.

 Brushing and Music

  • Brushing with music playing- songs can be an alternate toothbrush timer that your child will like to follow.
  • Watching cartoons - there is plenty of useful content that will teach your child good hygiene habits.
  • Dancing and Singing- Some cartoons include songs, mostly nursery rhymes that stick with your child.

Be a model

Letting your child use you as a model, by brushing the teeth, is a way to both have him practice on someone and also in case of mistakes help him.

In the beginning, he might play around, but step by step, he will learn. Kids also like brushing their toys’ teeth as a part of a game.

Likeways, if you have a pet, then let them take care of their teeth. That way, a child will project what he learned from the parents on the dog or cat and get practice, on how to clean its teeth. Also, children like to do on their own because they feel more independent and feel that their parents have trust in them.

Give them independence

To show the trust,  for child brushing its teeth, you can allow them to make decisions. There are various toothbrushes starting from manual to electric ones.

Innovative electric toothbrushes have adjustable heads and various types of bristles. Consequently, that can make the cleaning process more entertaining, as they can build it like a lego; firstly adjusting the head to the electric toothbrush, then applying the bristle that they want.


Brushette has a variety of bristles with highlighted characteristics from which your child can choose, it has a special one’s designed for kids that are soft.  Be assured, you can definitely leave a child alone with the toothbrush as there is no way for that gentle bristles to harm.

So, if you are ready to start the journey with an electric toothbrush that is like a magic wand for your child, choose the right one from the official website of Brushette.

Also, in the market, tubes of toothpaste come in packages with diverse cartoon characters, delicate flavors, and colors, that can be another decision for your child to make.

Dentists are not evil

Remember, never use dentists as a way of discipline for your child. Sometimes parents underestimate their kids thinking they are unable to understand, (which is not true, of course!) which can negatively affect kids' future behavior and be a reason for future anxiety.

Try to talk with them as you would do with an adult. Use simple, straightforward vocabulary and visual content. Educational videos and animations can be used to enhance the importance of brushing teeth.

To conclude, having all these strategies in mind follow the steps to find what motivates your children the most, and your child will brush one’s teeth twice a day.

Children catch others’ actions quite fast. Thus, the family plays a significant role when it comes to habits. Moreover, it is essential to start from a very young age, when a baby’s communication with the outer world is less.

As contradictory impacts from people with inferior tooth brushing  practice will be less. That is why do not leave it for latter take your child’s hand and go to buy the first toothbrush. Let them choose whether it is an electric toothbrush or manual.

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