Self-love: the base of every healthy relationship

It’s never about us.

In this crazy rushing world we tend to spend the most precious resource - our time - which we still have very little - on our loved ones. The constant care, gifts, surprises, ensuring happy moments, well, basically everything that we do is almost always about others. Never about us. 

It’s high time to fix this.

Self-love is a basic human necessity. It has nothing to do with selfishness. All types of relationships in the world are largely determined by the self-love of any person. Being confident and comfortable in a company whether large or small, always depends on how you feel when you’re alone.

There are several key parts of self-love: knowing, accepting, investing, believing in yourself. All of this is rotating on the axis of self-care. And self-care is the main thing that we never really recognize as a need.

How to practice love of self?

Self-care is a very broad concept. That’s why it should be pretty simple, easy and affordable to practice. Starting from learning a language and taking a journey to lighting candles and stargazing, all of this will become a basis for self-love only when done mindfully.

Here are several things that will help you develop self-care habits:

1. Examine and explore your body

Beauty is a social construct. Perceptions of an attractive appearance or body type are constantly evolving, so there is no such thing as “beauty standard”. Nowadays show business and fashion set criteria widely accepted as “beauty standards” thus creating a void belief making people struggle to fit.

Take time. Spend hours in front of a mirror examining and exploring yourself. That dimple on your cheek, your nose shape, the crooked yellow teeth you’d always hide.. Identify what exactly you would like to change. Convince yourself that it’s not for others.

2. Be mindful of what you take in

This refers not only to the food and drinks but also to the information waves surrounding you: articles you read, news you listen to and things people talk about when you’re around.

Our brains are powerful enough to process huge amounts of information, but the lack of emotional intelligence will make it really hard to block negative info waves and stay stable and safe.

3. Care for your health

Healthy is the new beautiful.
Fame, luck, career, wealth are all cool, but, hey, what about being healthy? Isn’t it so strange that people have stopped taking care of their health in this world of air, water, soil pollution?

Avoid spending too much on products you don’t really need. Many beauty products like the ones for glowing skin, whiter teeth and shiny hair are widely promoted and highly marketised. They are meant to cover up and hide problems, not solve them. They won’t do you any good if you don’t start with a basic pattern of developing proper hygiene habits.

4. Invest in oral hygiene

Unpopular opinion: mouths are so underrated!
For a moment, try to be mindful of your mouth’s many functions (of course, teeth and tongue included)! That’s just mind blowing, isn’t it? How many can you count? You eat, drink, chew, speak, breathe, taste, release air, make sounds, show facial expressions, kiss and pronounce sweetest words… So this is probably the best time to invest in oral hygiene, as oral health is directly connected to overall health.

Start with this basic thing: if you’re still using a manual toothbrush then switch to electric. And you know why? Because you will never really believe any scientific article until you see your oral health improve during the usage. 

If you have one already, most probably you’ve noticed that replacement heads are so expensive and there is so much waste every time you want to change your toothbrush head! Well, taking care of yourself is about feeling better while doing something good for the planet.

For you to know, there is an eco-friendly and very affordable alternative!
Brushette electric toothbrush replacement heads are compatible with Oral-B and cost $2 per brush head. 

With healthier teeth and a fresher mouth you’ll start noticing how much more confident you’re when smiling, speaking standing closer to another person and when kissing. 

Only after giving yourself a chance to practice real acts of self-care you will be able to open your heart to a mature, loyal and healthy relationship without having doubts and fears to fail.

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