Five Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

We’ve all had that pre bedtime battle to get our kids to brush their teeth but here at Brushette, we’ve found some great suggestions to make things easier.  Here are some fun and foolproof tips to help make taking care of their teeth fun for your children and dental hygiene a top priority. 


Keep It Colorful

Get your kids to choose a brush or electric toothbrush in their favorite color, making them feel part of the process will make brushing more exciting for them.


Make a song of it

Choose a song your kids love and play it with a timer set for two minutes.  Kids can dance around the bathroom whilst brushing to make it lots more fun and you can change the song regularly to keep them engaged.


Make a Game of It

Create a chart of the back of the bathroom door. Reward each task completed with a sticker. At the end of each week, reward your kids with a small treat ( just don’t make it candy).


Story Time

There are lots of great books designed to help encourage regular brushing. Some of our favorites are Melvin the Molar, Brush, Brush, Brush! and Clarabella's Teeth.  Try reading them to your kids at night so they’re regularly hearing messages about great dental care.


Make it an Education

Involve your kids in each part of brushing,  choosing a brush, changing their toothbrush heads and putting the paste on the brush. Making them feel like a grown-up will make brushing fun.


Bonus Tip: Brushing Time Challenge

Set a two-minute timer, and get your kids to start brushing, see who drops out first, the one who lasts longest gets a sticker on their chart. They’ll soon be keen to keep up and earn that shiny prize!


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