Do I Really Have to Change My Toothbrush That Often? Yes!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that dentists recommend changing your toothbrush often. Toothbrushes are a breeding ground for bacteria — those little pesky germs get mighty comfortable living in those bristles. Apologies for sounding gross, but would you reuse other items that house germs? You can use your imagination or we can spell it out: toilet paper, wet naps, facial towelettes, etc. And actually, to get even more graphic, around 10 million bacteria can be found on the average toothbrush, which is much more than on the average toilet, which houses around 50 bacteria per square inch — or the average public lavatory floor, which contains about 2 million bacteria per square inch*. And if you get a cold, the flu, or a mouth infection, the amount of bacteria increases. Fungus and bacteria can develop in the bristles, potentially leading to another infection. Not fun. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months, but since doing so can get costly, most people don’t swap their toothbrush for way longer, even up to a year — gasp! 

Besides the obvious germ situation, dentists also recommend changing your toothbrush frequently because studies have shown that a worn toothbrush is way less effective than a new one. A toothbrush can become contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and fungi after only 30 seconds of use. When a toothbrush goes through normal wear and tear (splayed bristles or change of color on bristles), it can’t remove plaque from teeth and gums as well. With every use, a toothbrush starts losing its efficiency. When you notice the bristles are bent out of shape, it has already stopped doing its job to its full potential. The bristles break down and can’t get to all those nooks and crannies around your teeth. A brush with worn-out bristles bend away from teeth while cleaning, which can lead to cavities.“I want cavities,” said no one ever. If you have a heavy hand while brushing, you may need to replace your brush even more often. 

We know, it can be annoying to remember to change your toothbrush often, but with Brushette, we do some of the thinking for you by delivering what you need (you still have to remember to change the head!). And remember that you’re not just throwing away your toothbrush, but millions of bacteria along with it. Sign up today to receive new brushettes on your doorstep monthly, weekly, or  — if the facts you read above really sunk in! — even daily. Now that it’s inexpensive to maintain top oral hygiene, we don’t want to hear the excuses.


  • -  British Dental Journal 221, 44 (2016) |Protection from toothbrush contamination in a snap second.

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