How to Maintain Optimal Oral Care When Travelling

After long working days and hours, we unconditionally crave for a vacation to travel, explore the world around us and refresh our minds with new impressions.  It is the time when we can travel and explore the world around us. To have an ideal vacation, we get ready for it a whole year not to miss any detail that might ruin our rest. Forgetting to pack something can be a real disaster, especially if it is an item that you need on a daily basis, for example, a toothbrush. That is why it is essential to remember about dental hygiene even when traveling.

How to Pack

take your brushette when travellingYou might think that there is no special ritual for storing your toothbrush as it is small and there will always be a space for it. But you cannot simply throw your toothbrush along with your clothes, right? As you might already know, it is generally advised to keep the toothbrush in a dry place. So, the first thing to do is to get rid of any moisture on a toothbrush to prevent the attack of bacteria.

For the next step, do not forget to wash your bag as well. Next, store your toothbrush in a container, or a plastic bag and do not let it touch other objects. If there is a possibility to keep it in a place where it will have air flow. After all of these, you are ready to go.

Instead of taking your regular toothbrush, during travel, it is better to have a toothbrush that is compact and small. Thus, if you are going toOral B Compatible Neck, Brushette Travel buy, better look for the portable ones, or choose a powered toothbrush with two options an electric or a battery toothbrush. Battery toothbrushes will save space as batteries are already inside of the toothbrush, instead of carrying a charger, you will only need to take an extra pair of batteries. At the same time, electric toothbrushes are easier to store and maintain, especially if your trip is a short one, you can fully charge your electric toothbrush, and it will be enough up to one week. Plus, if you’re on a longer trip or it’s just the time to change your toothbrush, there’s a pretty simple innovation by Brushette that can help you save time, money, storage space, and… plastic! Brushette produces Oral-B compatible necks and replacement heads coming in a food-grade-nitrogen filled packaging that prevents bacteria growth, so you can take an unopened package and not care about anything mentioned above. 

Problems and Solutions 

Undrinkable Water 

undrinkable waterWhile you travel, you visit different places and not in every country tap water is drinkable.
To avoid infections and diarrheal diseases it’s better to use bottled water to brush your teeth if you are not sure of the water quality.

No toothbrush?

Unless you are staying in a hotel where they usually supply with first need items, you might be in a situation where you do not have a toothbrush: it’s left in your baggage, you’ve just forgotten it, or you simply don’t want to use the one-time plastic toothbrushes at the hotel. Do not panic; it is okay to make mistakes. Let’s see what you can do in that situation. 






  1. When you are traveling, it is important to keep a healthy diet which can naturally clean your teeth.
  2. Avoid sugar, as sugar never gave you any help. 
  3. Chew sugarless gum to enhance saliva flow, which will clean your teeth. 
  4. Drink green tea that will keep your breath fresh and protect your teeth from cavities.
  5. Not having a toothbrush is not a reason not to clean your teeth. You still can clean it with toothpaste, by applying it on a towel; just wrap it around your finger and use it as a toothbrush.

No toothpaste?

In case if you have your toothbrush but do not have toothpaste, you can brush your teeth with water and toothbrush, which will be enough to brush off plaque from your teeth. An alternative for the toothpaste can be a mouthwash. You need to rinse the bristles in the substance than after they are soaked, clean your teeth. 

Soda and water can replace toothpaste as well. Use one spoon of soda and add drops of water until it has paste-like texture (it should not be too liquid), and use it. By the way, baking soda has a teeth whitening effect.


toothacheTo avoid unpleasant teeth problems during your travels, it is better to visit your dentist beforehand. Also, if you know you have any kind of issue, it is better to look for professionals in the area that you are visiting. Have their contact information, to call in case of emergency. 

With all these in mind, have a lovely voyage, enjoy your time within nature, get to know new cultures, and do not let anything to ruin your traveling experience! 

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