5 Good Foods for a Better Oral Hygiene

Feeling hungry but trying to eat healthy for your oral and overall health? We’re here to help!  We consider caring for your dental hygiene as our #1 priority. That is what makes us a helping hand you can always reach out to when you need some advice concerning your teeth care.

Whether you’ve thought about it or not, good nutrition is one of the key points of having healthy teeth. This article’s all about proving it right and advising you what to eat to have good oral hygiene.

Let’s Talk Statistics!

Let us be honest, during working hours all of us wait for that one hour of lunchtime to finally relax and enjoy our meals. But can we really be sure of our teeth enjoying the exact same meal the way we do? According to the American Dental Association, a mouth is always the first one to get affected by bad nutrition. Besides, a large number of studies confirmed that poor oral hygiene can have a lot of bad consequences not only in the sphere of dentistry but also in other important health aspects: it can end up being an increased opportunity for Alzheimer's disease and also different heart issues to rise.

As stated in another of ADA studies, the biggest victim of bad eating habits is the generation of millennials - the 33% of young people aged from 20 to 34 suffer a big amount of tooth decay and gum problems.

It’s hard to believe but more than 30% of youngsters have an untreated version of tooth decay. Around 38% of millennials consider their lives “less satisfying” due to their teeth problems, and that number is rising every day.

Let’s say, you consider yourself as a person who does everything to achieve the shiny wide smile: you brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes straight, change your toothbrush and floss regularly, and even visit your dentist twice a year (!!) but that Hollywood smile passes you by anyway.

A major reason for this is the food you consume. It just doesn’t support the healthy smile you’re trying so hard to achieve. Then you know you have to change your diet. 

Of course, it’s very difficult to get rid of unhealthy and yet tasty habits, like coffee and croissants, mmm, but is having bad dental health worth it?

 Don’t you think it’s time to stop feeding oral hygiene problems with your favorite meals?

If it has never passed your mind that your nutrition can be so important for your teeth and, as a result, you didn’t pay much attention to your everyday meals, it’s the right time to start! Here are 5 foods which can have a very positive impact on your teeth.

  • All the dairy products you can possibly think of (e.g. cheese, milk, plain yogurt, etc.)

The secret ingredient for these products (especially cheese) for being really good guys for one’s teeth is their ability to get saliva flowing.

The latter washes out some of the bacteria hiding in the mouth.

Besides, according to EurekAlert, cheese can neutralize some of the acid produced by plaque bacteria.

  •  Vitamin and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables

Fiber-rich foodsFoods with fiber keep your teeth and gums clean.

They are also the best option of natural defense from gum disease and cavities.
Besides, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables are other types of saliva makers.

Moreover, fruits that contain calcium and phosphorus are the best helpers in keeping tooth enamel strong and healthy.


  • Raisins and cranberries

raisins and cranberriesRaisins are a good source of phytochemicals, which makes them quite a good weapon against cavity-causing plaque bacteria.

Some compounds in raisins affect the growth of bacteria associated with gum disease.

Concerning cranberries, they contain polyphenols (like green/black tea) which keep plaque from sticking to teeth and lower the risk of cavities.


  • Crunchy foods

crunchy foodAccording to studies around 35% of people aged between 20 to 30 have problems with biting and chewing.

Could you ever imagine this?
For them it’s hard to bite and chew regular food, so, imagine them trying a piece of crunchy food.

For the ones who don’t have problems chewing,  there is very great news! While making serious effort to chew foods like carrots, apples, and cucumbers to break them down, we also disturb the dental plaque.

Therefore, chewing can serve as a cleansing mechanism, so instead of staying in your mouth and settling on teeth, bacteria gets cleared away.

  • Sugarless gums

Sugarless gumTo keep the same topic of chewing, it would be wrong to leave out gums.

All of us know that sucrose which hides in sweet gums is not advised for our oral hygiene.

It doesn’t mean that we have to forget about chewing a piece of gum. There exist sugarless gums which are yet another good saliva makers and a helping hand in removing food particles from your mouth.

It certainly has to be mentioned that the keyword here is “sugarless”: you definitely don’t need any more sucrose to produce plaque on your teeth.

Of course, this list of foods will help you in your dental care, but, unfortunately, healthy eating isn’t the only thing to do for having a perfect and healthy smile. There is a lot more to get the opportunity to say: “I have healthy teeth”.

Above all the fuss around food, it’s necessary to realize 2 important things:

  • Your overall dental hygiene is affected by the foods you eat
  • Your oral health directly depends on how you take care of your teeth.

No matter what you eat, you won’t have healthy teeth if you don’t clean your teeth properly. Here, in Brushette, we do our best to help you through the journey to better oral care.

With the rise of technologies, cleaning teeth has become more effective and even fun! Yes, fun. 

Well, if you’re still using your old, manual toothbrush, you have to shift to an electric one. The new era of brushing teeth is electric.


Take your first step. Meet our products and choosing the right one for you.

Remember choosing the right toothbrush and the right replacement head for it is as important for your teeth as the foods you eat.

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